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The Horse Listener

Just north of Melbourne, a horse trainer is achieving astonishing results with abused and reluctant animals. His techniques are amazing and his legend is spreading.
A rider once complained to Carlos Tabernaberri that he could only get his horse to do what he wanted it to do by raising a stick, defensively adding: “But I never hit it.” Tell me, Tabernaberri asked, does your wife cook for you? Yes, the man said. And she would cook for you if you waved a stick at her? Well, certainly.

So your wife would cook for you because she felt she had to – you would get your meal, but
would you and your wife be enjoying the relationship? This is what is happening with you and your horse, Tabernaberri explained quietly. It is doing your bidding only because it feels intimidated. What sort of partnership is that for the horse? Tabernaberri grew up in Argentina, immersed in the country’s horse culture. He witnessed frightened and frustrated horses being controlled by wranglers who would hit them across the head if they reared up.