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Through the Eyes of the Horse: Carlos Tabernaberri

He believes there is no such thing as “natural” horsemanship, just “good” horsemanship. In this book he tells readers to “look for approaches to working with your horse that make sense”. It’s illustrated throughout with colour pictures which complement the text, and it’s written in bite-sized, easy-to-understand chunks for ease of comprehension. His “concept” is C.C.K.L. = T.O.R. – which stands for Confidence, Consistency, Kindness, and Leadership with your horse to help you gain Trust, Obedience and Respect.

Throughout he gives lots of mini case studies on horses he’s worked with over the years, and looks at particular issues a horse owner may be having. For instance, hard to catch horses, leading, tying up, working with feet, and so on. Most importantly though, is advice on how horses learn and why they do what they do – and how you can work with them, rather than against them. Tabernaberri is not into “tricks of the trade”, and there are no special products that need to be bought to follow his concept. The basic tools that he recommends are time, energy, a halter and a lead rope. There are other items used to help in the desensitisation process – such as a tarp, umbrella, water, streamers and a bag on a stick. This is a really good one – who wants their horse to run from a plastic bag? I’d rather mine wasn’t fazed when a flapping plastic bag whips by in the wind.